Data and Documents Protection Policy


The purpose of this policy is to lay out clear procedures in GMIS Semarang (hereafter shall be termed “School”) policy in regards to data, case policies, records and documents which are dealt within the School working framework..


This guideline applies to all data especially personal data of students and staff, documents and records created as part of the School. This includes policies, procedures, guidelines, student record, staff requirements and fact sheets created by the School.

3.Policy Principles

3.1 Confidentiality

The policy of the School is to be open and honest with members and to allow them to have access to their files, subject to legal restrictions, as set out in the Access to Personal Files policy. The School will publicize the Access to Personal Files policy to members. Files will be available only to the School staff that have a direct need to know about the individual who is the subject of a file. All staff that may come into contact with member files must sign the confidentiality clause within their contract of employment

3.2 Sharing of information

Information may need to be shared with external agencies in some circumstances, on a strictly need to know basis. All external agencies and people with whom information is regularly shared must subscribe to the agreed protocols on sharing of information and standards of confidentiality. Members will in some circumstances be told when information about them is to be shared and the reasons to do so

3.3 Retention and Storage of Information

Information on file will be kept in a secure place in each department and copy of register will be kept in the Principal’s office, and only accessed by the appropriate staff and the members where access to their records has been granted

3.4 Security of documents

School Principal is the person responsible for ensuring the secure storage and disposal of files


4.1 The School Principal

Only the principal has the responsibility for the creation of codes for identification, modification and review of central documentation, as well providing advice to other documents releasing authorities on the requirements of any documents

4.2 The Principal and other document releasing authorities

The principal and other documents releasing authorities are responsible for ensuring that:

  • The implementation of any authority generated documentation is created according to these guidelines
  • Authorities produced records are indexed, collected, filed, stored, maintained and disposed of according to these guidelines

5.The GMIS document Control

The principal’s office produces policy, guidelines and other documentation to assist with the implementation of requirements for the school. These documents establish the minimum requirements for all documents releasing authorities to achieve and to maintain appropriate positive performance. In essence central School documentation is created where there is a need for the requirements across multiple areas of the school functioning such as supervisors’ offices. The School utilizes filing for the storing and availability of documents used in the School with documents coding in code registers of each department (Document releasing authority). Copy of document coding/indexing register of each department will be submitted to the principal’s office after every academic session. This allows for one controlled source to be available for GMIS

5.1 Document Development and Maintenance

Creation and modification of documentation should be performed by head of the office/ documents releasing authority and secretary of each department will be responsible to maintain the documents. New coding can be developed by any department but the Principal and Management will be the only authority for approval of any document coding. So any new developed code/index will be submitted to the Principal’s office for approval and once it gets approved it can be part of the School coding system. All documents of any kind will be kept in respective departments for minimum of three years

6.Identification and Traceability

The School documents, records and associated requirements shall be identified according to the master documents and record coding/Index of all departments

7.Obsolete Documents

Obsolete documents are those which are no longer required, replaced or superseded as determined by the needs of the School. Obsolete documents are communicated to the organization through the Document Control Register in the principal’s office

8.Review of Policy

This policy will we reviewed after every three years and will be informed to all office heads in the school

(Supported Documents in the GMIS Coding/ Index with few examples)

*Documents releasing authorities

  • The Management of GMIS
  • The Principal office
  • Senior school Supervisor Office
  • Primary and Preschool Supervisors’ office
  • Library
  • Account Office

School Policies


  • The Medical Form given in this diary must be completed in full by the family doctor of the student at the beginning of each term
  • In case of an accident or emergency during School hours, casualties will be taken to the nearest hospital and parents will be informed as soon as possible
  • Students suffering from contagious diseases must not to be sent to school until they have fully recovered. On return to School, a doctor's certificate permitting the student to attend class must be submitted to the Class Teacher


The safety of students and staff is vital. Each member of the School is required to observe the following safety rules:

  • Identity cards issued by the School must be worn in the School premises by teachers, students and escorts alike
  • Regulations governing fire precautions, laboratory procedures and road safety must be strictly obeyed
  • Smoking is not permitted and will be actively discouraged.The consumption of alcohol is not permitted
  • The supplying or use of drugs, solvents or banned substances is strictly forbidden
  • The possession of knives, guns, air guns, catapults or other weapons such as these, is forbidden
  • The possession of any type of firework is forbidden
  • The use of motor vehicles in and around the School campus is strictly controlled
  • No student is allowed to drive a motor vehicle to or from School unless prior permission has been requested by the parent or guardian and obtained in writing from the Principal. Similarly, no student is to ride as a passenger in a vehicle driven by another student, unless written permission has been obtained
  • Buying food or any other item from vendors outside the School is forbidden

These rules will apply at all times when a student is in School or is under the School's responsibility. Hence, excursions, sports fixtures, group trips etc. do not signify that School rules cease to apply. When students are with parents or friends outside School hours, parents must clearly set their own limits as they deem fit. It is hoped, however, that students will seek to conduct themselves with dignity at all times.

Student Code of Conduct

Appropriate Behaviour

Positive reinforcement and praise will be given to students who:

Inappropriate Behaviour

As we realize that students are growing and changing, students will always be given the opportunity to explain their actions and to reflect upon what they have done. The staff member involved will counsel students on appropriate ways to deal with a problem.

However, if a student chooses not to accept his/her responsibilities or impinges on the rights of others, the school's disciplinary procedure will be followed:

Severe Inappropriate Behaviour

Consequences of Severe Inappropriate Behaviour

Persistent Offenders

A student who exhibits irresponsible or inappropriate behaviour may be suspended for a period of one to three days. Parents will be informed in advance of a suspension and a re-entry meeting scheduled

A suspended student may not return to school until the parent-principal re-entry conference has been held. In this case, parents will be asked to agree and sign a behaviour contract. The student will be participating in creating the targets of the behaviour contract in the conference and will not be readmitted until school personnel feel the contract will deal with the targeted behaviour. In some cases, a behaviour contract may be used as an alternative to suspension

Failure to respond to the targets set in the behaviour contract will result in a recommendation to the Board for expulsion

School Uniform

The responsibility for appropriate School uniform and appearance shall rest with individual students and their parents. Modes of dress, hairstyles and personal grooming habits will be acceptable provided they are not disruptive or violating the School rules. A refusal to follow a reasonable request of a staff member will result in a discipline consequence

Houses Uniform