Should you wish to seek admission for your child in GMIS, contact the Admissions Office or mail at: to request an application form, fees details and related information. Parents are required to:

  • Provide the school with all relevant educational and medical information about their children
  • Provide child’s general health report from a qualified doctor once the application is complete, and if acceptance is granted
  • Agree to support the school’s procedures and requirements, to fulfill all financial obligations, and to comply with the school rules and regulations.

The school reserves the right to determine placement of the applicant in the grade level. The school also reserves the right to discontinue a student’s enrolment, in case need be, at any time. We welcome children from many different ethnic and racial groups, backgrounds and creeds. All candidates for admission will be treated equally, irrespective of their or their parents’ race, color, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin or other status. The School needs to be aware of any known disability or special educational need which may affect a child’s ability to participate in the admissions procedure and take full advantage of the education provided at the School.

Parents of a child who has any disability or special educational need should provide the School with full details prior to the admissions procedure at registration, or subsequently before accepting the offer of a place. The School needs this information so that, in the case of any child with a particular need, the School can assess those needs and consult with parents about the adjustments which can reasonably be made to ensure that the application procedure is accessible for the child and the School can cater adequately for the child’s needs should an offer of a place be made. If special education needs or a disability become apparent after admission, the School will consult with parents about reasonable adjustments that may allow the child to continue at the School.


Parents must, as soon as possible, disclose any particular known or suspected circumstances relating to their child’s health, allergies, and disabilities or learning difficulties.


If the School decides to offer your child a place, a confirmation through e mail will be sent to you. To accept the offered place a completed, you have to fill up admission form available online and in school along with a copy of your child’s Passport, Birth Certificate and Residence, photographs of student, mother & father.

Sibling Policy: The school offers siblings priority for entry to the school,. Siblings are awarded a fee discount, provided siblings are at the school at the same time. Further details can be found in the School’s Fee Structure document.

GMIS visitor procedure

All visitors must report to the main office and sign-into visitor book/show Id. Main office staff will check clearance status and visitor card will be given If you are a cleared visitor and want to visit a classroom, please schedule an appointment with the teacher in advance.

If you are cleared visitor and want to visit the lunchroom or field: staff member on duty will be notified to receive you.

  • you may only bring food/drink items for your own student and will be asked to sit with your child at a separate table.
  • If you are not cleared visitor, Administration/coordinator will meet with you

Arrival at school

Students should reach school,

a) Pre-school students no earlier than 8:00 am

b) Primary School (Grade 1-5) not more than 7.10

c) Middle School (Grade 6-8) not more than 7.10

b) Senior School (Grade 9-11) not more than 7.10

All car riders are to be dropped off at the gate. We do not have staff available to supervise children prior to the start of school, so for your child’s safety, we ask that students not be dropped off before the time mentioned above.

Tardy to school

Those students who report after the stated time of arrival must report to the front office. Students who are excessively tardy to school will face consequences increasing in severity if no change is observed. Parental cooperation is solicited in this regard.


School is dismissed at 12:00 noon for pre- school and 2:15 pm for Grade 1 to Grade 11 each day from Monday to Friday. Parents who pick up students in the afternoon should be at the school as close to 11: 50am (preschool) and 2:10 pm (Grade1 to Grade 12)


Parents withdrawing their children should inform in writing the admission office or the class teacher at least three weeks before they are provided with school leaving certificate and school records subject to all fees being paid and educational equipment and any materials belonging to the school being returned before the student leaves.